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Necessità e contingenza in Descartes

digital Necessità e contingenza in Descartes
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titolo Necessità e contingenza in Descartes
Necessity and Contingency in Descartes
Editore Vita e Pensiero
formato Articolo | Pdf
online da 12-2021
doi 10.26350/001050_000295
issn 0035-6247 (stampa) | 1827-7926 (digitale)
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Descartes’s ‘extravagant’ doctrine of the creation of eternal truths deploys a singular modal structure in which necessity and contingency, impossibility and possibility depend on divine choice. This article, based on the analysis of Cartesian texts, aims to draw a picture of the connection between divine freedom, the necessity of the laws of nature and the human knowledge of the eternal truths, to show that, through this doctrine, Descartes is interested in a  correct view about God’s nature and power rather than in the construction of a general theory of modality.


Descartes, Necessity, Contingency, Eternal Truths

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