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Alberto Corti

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La metafisica è morta! Lunga vita alla metafisica! digital
formato: Articolo | RIVISTA DI FILOSOFIA NEO-SCOLASTICA | Online First
Anno: 2020
The aim of the paper is to address the main meta-metaphysical question i.e. whether is it possi- ble to do metaphysics and, in the case of an affirmative answer, how should we do it? With such an aim in mind, we will sketch the broad context in which these meta-metaphysical questions arose in the philosophical literature (§ 1); then, we will present what we take to be the three most widespread conceptions of metaphysics that are available in the analytic tradition: the neo-Quinean (§ 2), metaphysics as the science of possibilities (§ 3) and metaphysics as the study of the fundamental structures of reality (§ 4). throughout these paragraphs we will criticize these positions, before cashing out our proposal (§ 5). our interpretation seems to be a species of the recently proposed approach dubbed ‘naturalized metaphysics’; the difference that our proposal has with similar understanding of metaphysics will be clear in the last section.
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