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Alessandro Giordani

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Alcune ipotesi sulla possibilità della metafisica digital Alcune ipotesi
sulla possibilità della metafisica
Anno: 2020
The aim of this paper is to investigate some proposals about the possibility of metaphysics. In particular, we want to focus on the relationships between the justification procedures used in empirical sciences and in metaphysics...
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Categories and Predications digital Categories and Predications
Anno: 2017
A categorical ontology is a general classification scheme arising from the analysis of the relation of ontological predication. In the last decades, Lowe proposed a specific ontological square which combines the distinction between universals and particulars, based on a relation of essential predication, and the distinction between attributes and substrates, based on a relation of attributive predication...
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Emergenza, Evidenza, Conseguenza logica digital Emergenza, Evidenza, Conseguenza logica
Anno: 2013
This paper aims at analyzing from a philosophical point of view the concept of logical consequence, in order to highlight the connection between different kinds of consequence relations and between such relations and the intuitions in virtue of which they are introduced. The topics and theorems that are discussed are well-known. Still, their philosophical significance for the epistemological debate is not fully acknowledged. In what follows, the basic idea is developed according to which the kind of intuition that allow us to justify the introduction of the second order consequence relation is essentially different from, and emergent with respect to, the kind of intuition that allow us to justify the introduction of the first order consequence relation. In particular, this difference is based on the evidence of the existence of sets that are not definable by presenting a property shared by all their elements.
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Problemi filosofici del controllo digital Problemi filosofici del controllo
Anno: 2012
The paper presents a philosophical analysis of the concept of control based on a specific characterization of the structure of control systems. The paper is subdivided into four sections: in the first and the second sections the control dynamics is described and interpreted, while the last two sections briefly cope with the relationships between control, teleonomy, teleology and freedom.
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Articolare il mondo in stati di cose digital Articolare il mondo in stati di cose
Anno: 2011
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Ontologia e teoria dei sistemi digital  Ontologia e teoria dei sistemi
Anno: 2010
€ 6,00
I giudizi sintetici “a priori” digital I giudizi sintetici “a priori”
Anno: 2008
€ 6,00
Logica dell'evidenza digital Logica dell'evidenza
Anno: 07/2000
€ 6,00

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