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Giuseppe D'Anna

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Una «profezia» pericolosa Gaetano Sanseverino lettore di Spinoza digital
Anno: 2022
In this article I analyze the attack that Gaetano Sanseverino moves against Spinza biblical interpretation. In particular Sanseverino criticizes the Spinoza’s conception of prophecy, revelation and miracles because he sees in it the origin of the rationalist exegesis of the sacred text...
€ 6,00
Amour de Dieu e Amor Dei: Descartes e Spinoza digital
Anno: 07/2020
In this article, I intend to investigate the notion of God’s love in Descartes and Spinoza to highlight its differences. God’s love in Descartes is investigated by examining the letter to Chanut of 1647 and in the Passions of the Soul...
€ 6,00
Dalle Passions all’Ethica. Continuità, trasformazioni, interpretazioni digital
Anno: 2020
Spinoza’s relationship with Descartes was always characterized both by proximity and distance. This ambivalence does not fail to affect the history of reception, from Spinoza’s death to the present day. However, the path of this history shows a remarkable paradigm-shift...
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