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Mariapaola Bergomi

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Discursive Thinking in Plotinus, Enn. III 8 [30] digital Discursive Thinking in Plotinus, Enn. III 8 [30]
Anno: 2018
In my paper I aim to discuss the notion of discursive thinking – in relation to both the hypostasis Soul and the individual living beings – in III 8 by referring to other treatises as well. I will also refer to the notion of διάνοια in relation to λογισμός in Plotinus, with special attention to the relation between the thinking of the Soul and that of individual human souls. Although throughout the Enneads a continuity of the poietic activity is to be observed across the various hypostatic levels, I will focus on the question of how the Soul and the individual souls think and contemplate in their own peculiar way.
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