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Sergio Galvan

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Realismo morale, bene, volere divino digital Realismo morale, bene, volere divino
Anno: 2023
This article discusses the theses argued in A. Aguti’s volume, Morale e Religione. Per una visione teistica, Morcelliana, Brescia 2021, in which the issue of the theistic foundation of ethics is addressed. The article argues that theism has a convincing motivational value vis-à-vis the acceptance of ethics, while it does not have as much value from the point of view of its justification...
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Scienza e razionalità digital Scienza e razionalità
Anno: 2018
The aim of this essay is to defend the unitary rationality thesis. Inasmuch as the latter satisfies the requirements of both scientific rationality and broader theoretical rationality, it can also be the basis of the epistemic legitimation of rational forms of faith...
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Teoria classica dei possibili. Possibilismo classico e suo fondamento attualistico digital Teoria classica dei possibili. Possibilismo classico e
suo fondamento attualistico
Anno: 2016
The current debate on possible objects entails several problems. We focused on the issue of possible objects reality and sided for the possibilist position. As a matter of fact, we believe this position to be the best suited to classical metaphysical tradition. The classical possibilism we defend herein, though, has a realist foundation that is essentially different from Lewis’ concretist possibilism...
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Quantificatori ed esistenza digital Quantificatori ed esistenza
Anno: 2015
The present essay deals with the Frege-Quine’s quantificational theory of existence. The analysis expounds both the reasons that lay at the basis of the theory, and those that highlight its limitations in the domains of metaphysics and of modal semantics...
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Introduzione digital Introduzione
Anno: 2011
€ 6,00
Tempo e realtà del divenire digital Tempo e realtà del divenire
Anno: 2005
€ 6,00
Pensiero e logica digital Pensiero e logica
Anno: 01/1987
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