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Luca Guidetti

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Il problema delle relazioni. Mach e Meinong digital
formato: Articolo | RIVISTA DI FILOSOFIA NEO-SCOLASTICA - 2021 - 4. Alexius Meinong and His Contemporaries
Anno: 2021
Meinong deals with the problem of relations by addressing the empiristic theory that dates back to Locke and Hume. He tries to overcome their psychological approach by framing the relations in logical-ontological terms and by identifying in them objects of a higher order which include non existing entities. This extension of objectivity highlights – in connection with Ehrenfels’ figural qualities – the formal properties of wholes as complexes that are superior to the sum of their parts...
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Il problema delle categorie tra neokantismo e fenomenologia digital
formato: Articolo | RIVISTA DI FILOSOFIA NEO-SCOLASTICA - 2017 - 3
Anno: 2017
The theory of categories, developed starting from Kantian epistemology, repeats the Aristotelian model of predicative forms, in this way trying to provide an exhaustive outline of categorical forms. The purpose of Kant, however, fails because no predicate calculus, unlike the propositional calculus, can reach completeness...
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