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Esodi. Riforme. Rivoluzioni

digital Esodi. Riforme. Rivoluzioni
fascicolo RIVISTA DI FILOSOFIA NEO-SCOLASTICA - 2017 - 4. Il pensiero filosofico e teologico in Bonaventura da Bagnoregio
titolo Esodi. Riforme. Rivoluzioni
editore Vita e Pensiero
formato Articolo | Pdf
online da 03-2018
issn 00356247 (stampa) | 18277926 (digitale)
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Reform and Revolution hate and love each other. Now they go in opposite directions, now they fight together against oppression and corruption, under the paradigm of the Exodus and the way from slavery to freedom. As long as we don’t confuse it with hegelian-marxist dialectic overdose of necessity and totalitarian patterns (Popper, Jonas). The Exodus is another story, a different novel. It looks for a better day that’s not the last one. It knows about pitfalls, disappointments and denials. It produces specific antibodies. Philosophers are watching Exodus, Revolution and Reform (especially the peasant rebellion of 1525, Müntzer and Gaismair): as a symbolic knot of agreements and fights (Engels, Bloch), as an evidence of the revolutionary paradigm (Walzer), as a complaint of Kierkegaard’s words «We the reformed» (or ‘We the revolutionaries’), too sure of ourselves. Living exodus, experiencing reform.


Paradigm, Exodus, Reform, Revolution, Liberty, Oppression, Corruption, Totalitarianism