Libri di Antonino Ventura - libri Filosofia Neo-Scolastica Vita e Pensiero

Antonino Ventura

Titoli dell'autore

Necessità e alterità di un fondamento semplice per le strutture e le dinamiche scientifiche digital
Anno: 2021
This work addresses the problem of the original nature of the multiple in both the sciences of nature and the deductive sciences and critically analyses the solutions that can be proposed. Starting from the experience of becoming, it takes up the ancient need for a foundation of the multiplicity of forms and affirms the scientific indimostrability of the necessity of the multiple. Then, with precise arguments, the work demonstrates the impossibility of considering the multiple as an original condition, as it is also confirmed by the irreducible novelty and creativity of deductive constructs...
€ 6,00
Inconsistenza fondativa dell’eraclitismo naturalistico digital
Anno: 2019
This work aims to show the groundlessness of the Heraclitean conceptions subtended to contemporary naturalism starting from the same scientific knowledge. It clarifies how the description of the physical world remains entrusted to mathematical theories even in the changed perspectives, with all the limits that such theories entail. The work considers the issues of becoming emerging from modern experimental findings and critically analyzes their relationship with the principle of causality and with the different deterministic conceptions...
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Il valore empirico delle recenti teorie cosmologiche e l’incongruo passaggio a una protologia naturalistica digital
Anno: 2014
This work presents the attempt by science to unfold the origin of the universe, pointing out the limits and contradictions. It critically analyses the universe identification with a Turing’s machine and the possibility of a definitive theory that may give a thorough understanding of it...
€ 6,00
Conoscenza e semantica digital
Anno: 04/1989
€ 6,00

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